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Monday, February 27, 2012

Genneva Gold Sdn Bhd Newspaper Announcement 27th Feb 2012

Week 57.1. Genneva Gold Sdn Bhd Newspaper  Announcement 27th Feb 2012

I just get alerted by someone that there is an announcement by Genneva Gold Sdn Bhd in the local newspaper few days back. It’s stated that 

Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd does not in any manner, directly or indirectly, at present or in future gives an undertaking or guarantee the re-purchase of gold products sold to its purchasers (no buy back guarantee)

 I would like to keep this short and nice. I never invested in Genneva Gold because I never believe in such scheme. However for those who already invested please do take note. For those who are interested to know more there is a session court hearing at KL Session Court on 1st and 2nd March 2012. 

There are many info in the web which you can search for it. Happy a nice day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fraud: Canada LAND deal

Week 56.2 Fraud: Canada LAND deal
Well, if you see the newspaper on 23rd Feb 2012 URL below, there is a fraud on some LAND deal in Canada.

I wonder why people want to part away their saving on certain real estate which they cannot see by themselves. Whenever a land deal or oversea property agent approached me I shoe them away. I never buy anything which is not under my control. Property and LAND is complex matter, even local property and land already got some many complex issues let alone oversea one. On top of that, each country will have different law etc. If you are not rich at least above RM5 million and not knowledgeable in particular country, don’t do oversea properties. Let say you work in UK b4, then you can consider buying properties there after 1-2 years staying there and done the homework there. If you stay in Malaysia, 1 2 get rich fast buy property in AUSTRALIA, UK etc where you hardly go there before, don’t buy.
Good properties no need to advertise one.  People will queue to buy one. Everybody knows that. For oversea property, what you buy most likely it’s the left over. Think about it why do they advertise in Malaysia for properties from Australia, just advertise in Australia enoughlah.
Note 1: Don’t be greed. Anything return over 15% pa be skeptical. UOB Physical Gold gives a return of 12% pa depending on when you brought it.
Note 2: if you buy something make sure you have some control over it. If it is oversea land deal, property I will forget it.
Note 3: Feedback cycle should be very short. Let said I buy from Kitco (for example) some Precious Metal, if they don’t deliver after receiving my money, I will just email everybody everywhere then they cannot do any business any more. FYI, Kitco always delivered my goods. For properties deal or land deal, they can always drag you with lot of reasons since it so complex. Waiting for authority approval lah, bank loan approval lah etc…. Next thing you know the land is mortgage to bank, company bankrupt.
Note 4: This advice may be helpful to you and applicable on many occasions. If someone tell you something nice (oh! I make/you will make tones of $ buying these) be skeptical, if someone tell you something bad (oh! I / you will lose tones on $ on these) be trustworthy.
In precious metal, it’s very simple. You give me $, I give you the metal. That is. Period. No collateral, debt whatsoever. Deal is done. Nothing beat precious metal in that sense.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Accounting Issue

Week 56 Accounting Issue
To be competitive in business sometimes a competitor can be a friend. One way to help out each other is to barter between traders. For example, seller A may buy in bulk item A, seller B item B etc. Then both A and B can exchange their goods among themselves thus each have more variety of goods to sell. Win Win.
Sometimes goods are exchange not on 1 to 1 bases, for example 12 oz of morgan bar with 10 oz of PAMP lady fortune.
Due to time, location constraint, something one seller will help to collect the item on behalf of 3-5 people from the same seller. Many will not meet each other physically, thus it will involve some bank-in bank out transaction.
Since most of us are sole-proprietor, all these actions will raise many accounting question from IRS upon auditing. Thus, it's be best to have it recorded in email in case some question is asked upon you. It will be years before the question is asked and if you act then, for you
Worst come to worst, IRS said it is your sales since there are many cash deposit, $transfer into your bank account but you just helping your friend only. (TOLONG ORANG SAJA.) etc. Please pay the TAX.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Business discipline

Week 55.2 Business discipline
To be in business you must actually measure the profit in real terms and not what is displayed on a paper. There are four things you need to consider: Purchases, Sales, Expenses and Stock check.
All the purchase you need to properly record it.  Normally, the purchase amount is big in volume thus very difficult to get wrong. Frequency of purchase is 10-100x lesser than sales transaction. Thus, an easy filing will be sufficient.
For every purchase made there may be 10 – 50x sales transactions as the sales tends to be smaller in nature. Thus, proper recording is much more tougher because most transaction buyer would like to see the product 1st, then select the required quantity, pay in cash and go. Thus, may be difficult to write up a receipt up front for some deal. Then dealing is done in public places due to security reason. Most deal has to be quickly done to avoid attention. Buyer and seller has to quickly show them the goods, pay the $ or count the cash normally stack of RM50 then quickly move away to avoid attention. One must be very discipline in recording all the transactions.
Just paste every damn single receipts U got over the last 3 days at most 1 week into a book. Then you will be able to keep track of it. All expenses payment should be best made electronic such as Touch&Go, credit card to purchase petrol. Have a monthly automatic credit for phone, electricity etc bills into your credit card or bank account. Just keep all your statement best if in electronic form.

Stock Check
This is the most difficult thing to do, once you have properly done all the purchase, sales and expenses recording, it’s now time to do a stock check. To do a good business, you must have variety of product and you cannot be holding some many stocks for each product. It is quite common you have at least 20-50 products in hand for sales. Taking inventory is time consuming. Then, since the product is so valuable you cannot be putting it in single location. It has to be in multiple location, thus stock check is hassle.
Then most of the time, you will have to take out extra stock for sales because customer may want to buy extra in case you just bring just enough stock, you end up losing some sales. In most cases, after you do the stock check, you will guarantee out some stock is missing. Try to do stock check every month then you can keep track of losses and respond more frequently. The problem made worst if you hire someone to do the business. Even worst and who to blame, how do you account for item lost. So, start with yourself 1st, if you cannot handle yourself, let alone handling others.
Most of the time, item could be lost while U R travelling to do your COD. Collect the item from one place and COD 3-5 places on the same day. Sure something will get loss one.
So after you check the stock losses, then only you can determine your actual profitability and not the feel good profitability. If there is excessive stock loss every year then it’s time to quit and start buying and selling in bulk such as sell by tubes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 55.1 Trading days are gone.

Week 55.1 Trading days are gone.
The good old days were gone. Now everybody is knowledgeable about silver and knew where to source for the best price. Hundreds of silver traders flooded the market in forum, website etc.  Thus, prices is slashed until some selling at loses. The law of diminishing return is starting to prevail. We no longer can do any trading already. We have to become an investor again. Just keep in mind next time when you sell probably it may be lower than your replacement cost in order to get it sold.
Sometimes the truth can be very disappointing, let move to something else. You think so easy meh, after so much shock (good feel) for 1-2 years in silver trading. Got to start over again, this time the hunting begins but there is no sure luck for any success.
Looking back I could have done much better if I have a mentor and less hesitation.
As for the silver market, now it’s the time to hold on to your silver and go into hibernation. Once the price goes up, when people are buying, it’s time to sell. When is it, maybe in Sept – Dec 2012 according to my experience.
OK so what is the next hunt, how does the animal look like. It’s no longer a simple commodity like silver. It has to be something much more. Some form of web services lah.
Till then CU.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Religious Item

Week 51.1 Religious Item

For me I have a policy where I don’t sell or promote to friends in work place or places of workshop such as temple, church, mosque etc. Unless they asked me then it’s another story. Part of the reason is I never able to convince any friends to do the things I want to do even if I subsidize them, let alone selling things to them. Even a simple commitment to do some extra work they just brush off to do their own things. I have done enough in the past, thus selling to others is the best. 

In religion it’s a place where we seek the truth depending on who and what we believe. Thus, there is a lot of trust put on you by the people whom trusted you. I believe in law of cause and effect, thus religious place is a place I prayed and go. I have seen and hear some stories on those who stolen some temple fund and what happen to them few years down the road. It’s really very bad. Well, if you do happen to sell some precious metal with religious symbol on it, try to sell it at reasonable price. For religion is something you practice, it’s not right to make a rip-off on your customer on something their belief.

In Precious metal silver is silver, gold is gold. Even if you put any god picture into it, it does not make it more valuable in term of precious metal content. Just don’t get so carry-away when people sell you Kwan Yin silver bar, dragon silver bar, Jesus cross silver bar/coin etc. If you want, just get 1-2 pcs to show your belief and that it. Beyond that is not worth-while.